Axvan hrajarakan


RA National Assembly Speaker Ara Babloyan made a statement. An official from the RA NA Public Relations Department told Armenpress that the statement reads:

«Member of the National Assembly Aghvan Vardanyan submitted his resignation today.

According to Article 155 of the «Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly», if within one week after the resignation is announced, the deputy withdraws his / her resignation application in written form, the President of the National Assembly makes a statement, if he does not withdraw his resignation his application shall be drawn up on the termination of his powers which shall be signed and published by the President of the National Assembly. The resignation from the moment of the publication of the Protocol shall be deemed to be accepted. »

Aghvan Vardanyan, the Secretary of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun parliamentary faction, announced on May 1 at a special sitting convened for a cabinet meeting that he will not run for Nikol Pashinyan’s election in the post of prime minister. Vardanyan stressed that he represents a party and a faction which has a decision to vote and is ready to leave the mandate if the party demands that.

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